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Designer /  Liu Hsuan-Tzu, Tseng Huei-Yu

Material  /  Wood, Metal

Year         /  May, 2010 

Who can live without Tables and Chairs?

No matter how many people you want to live with, a table and a chair are indispensable. When the user has someone else to live with, all they need are a bigger table and more chairs. 

This concept is about how to make a table and chair set for only one person easily become a set for two.


Rotating the boards to put it down, matching them into one. The working area of the desk will become twice larger. The height will be lower so that the users can feel closer to each other.


Use rails to change the heights of the site, which can make one high stool into two dining chairs. Two different chairs use the distance of heights to combine steadily and become a higher stool. Just take them apart and put the sitting area along the rail into the right place when you need them separated.


The radian is good to both sit and hold. Using the distance of heights to combine steadily.

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