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Mushroom Lamp 蘑菇燈

Material  /  LED, copper wires, ABS
Year  /  July 2015


This object is an order-made project from Play Design Hotel in Taiwan, Taipei. 
The original concept is the Hidden Truths project. 

Using the most functional parts in a lamp- which are LED and copper wires, as the main character in the Mushroom Lamp.

Unlike "Hidden Truths", the Mushroom Lamp keeps the flexibility of copper wires, can be used in two ways, hanging lamp and table lamp.

這是位於台灣台北的玩味旅社,以“Hidden Truths”為概念源頭的訂製傢俱。

將LED結合銅線蕾絲編織,讓原始功能件- LED與銅線,變成燈具主角。

有別於Hidden Truths的是,這次燈具不包在硬質外殼裡,保有銅線編織的彈性與可彎性,光源朝外是吊燈,光源朝內置於玻璃座上便是桌燈。

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