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The Mold

Material  /  Books 

Year  /  November, 2012 


We learn from copy, this is a truth that everyone would agree with. But the truth that we actually design based on copy, will not be taken easily. What we neglect in this phenomenon is that we actually create our own autonomy through copying. 



When we copy, we make adjustments or progresses, to make it better, more personal, or maybe worse. Or we just simply do it in our own way, which might be different from the so called original. These factors influence the final result of our works, or us as a human being or a designer.


In this project, I copy objects by covering paper mache on the surfaces I need. So the paper became the mold of the object. One side of the mold is delicate and keeps the original form of the object. But the other side of it is conversely pretty rough, which already transform into another look.


In this series, all the plates are made with different book, so the colors are slightly different. 
Also it represents that we all copy from different sources that cannot be recognised what they were in the end. And these are the foundation of the creativity.


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