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Hidden Truths

Material  /  LED, resistance, E-poxy, copper wires, metal

Year         /  June, 2014 

Objects usually consist of many different parts. But we take them as a whole, 

as in: ‘The whole, being greater than the sum of its parts.’

Sometimes the hidden and unseen parts of an object are actually the most functional, beautiful, and valuable parts of all. And this is not only true for objects, but also in real life, with me and everyone else. 

The things that used to make me feel awful were really the parts that taught me the most.





首先,拆解了生活中常見的燈具。燈具裡,最具功能性與關鍵性的部位就屬燈泡與電線了,然而這兩者往往被隱藏在造型之後。燈泡隨著時間演進成 LED,而電線真正作用的是裡頭的金屬(通常為銅線),這兩個配角便是作品的主角。

My project is using only the simplest functional parts to reach a gorgeous effect.
That’s the contrast I want to play with.
I choose copper wires, resistances and LED’s as my leading characters.

The final object has the typical dome shape of lamp, but this dome shell is the lighting source itself. Copper wires and LEDs are shown in a delicate way in order to give the lighting device a totally different definition. The hidden functional parts now shine like stars.

I combined traditional bobbin lace making with copper wires,
LED's, and resistances to complete the hole circuit.




再將 LED 與電阻焊在織好的電路上,封在兩層雹殼 e-poxy中,成為一個大型吊燈。燈罩也從過去的反光,變成給光。如此一來以往屈居幕後的 LED、電阻、銅線,頓時躍上檯面,成為燈的主角。


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